It just sickens them what I consider fun

did anyone get their schedules/ room assignments yet?

So, I've got my schedule for the fall set up.
I got the form from the school a couple days ago.

9:30 - 12:20 Principles of Genetics
12:30 - 1:50 General Psychology 2
2:00 - 3:20 Quantitative Analysis

8:30 - 1:05 Introduction to Criminalistics

9:30 - 12:20 Principles of Genetics
12:30 - 1:50 General Psychology 2
2:00 - 3:20 Quantitative Analysis
5:45 - 8:30 Immunology

2:00 - 5:40 Quantitative Analysis Lab

My dorm is Post Hall, I think I'm on the second floor, it says 2C13.

What about the rest of you guys? What's your schedule like and where are you on campus?
This is like a sad plea of a junior transfer who knows barely anyone on campus that's outside of livejournal.
As soon as I get situated with my email addy on campus, I'll be on face book..
And another question, does the dorms come with a refrigerator / microwave in the room?

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It just sickens them what I consider fun


Did people get their housing arrangements yet?
I got mine today, I'm apparently living in the Post building on the second floor.

I have no clue what that's even going to look like. I thought I was going to get a suite b/c i requested one, but it looks like I'm getting a regular dorm room.

Are the rooms big? I'd love to know..
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A Simple Intro

So I'm starting in the fall at the Post and I'm cheesily excited.
I think it's mainly the fact that I'm bored out of my mind with my job and I'm in dire need of a change of pace.
I'm a transfer Forensic Science kid and I'm living somewhere on campus.

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hello, I am new to this community. I'm currently going through the admissions process for LIU [the Brooklyn campus]. I was hoping I could get some insight on standards of being accepted.

-Is it crucial to have great S.A.T scores, or are there other aspects of my transcript that LIU will be looking at to decide whether or not I qualify?

I'd really like to know. thanks.
me b&w

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hey guys i got in cw post this coming fall.

ill be majoring in radio tv film hopefully.

im from texas soo i think its going to be a huge change for me...
but i cant wait.

how are the dorms?


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K I really dont know what to do. They extended the tuition deposit deadline until june 30th so now Im thinking of going here again! help please. What do you think of c.w. post? and do u think it would be a hassle to be a commuter from nyc to the campus? Any help is greatly appreciated.

living help.

hey everybody. i just got accepted to cw post. i am currently working in florida. any good tips on places to live? i am looking for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment.

any help is appreciated. thanks!

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the long island art collective presents a silk screening workshop!


come on down to the long island freespace to be a part of the first of many hands on, creative workshops

silkscreening is an art. here's the jist of it: it's a method used to make an ink print. the ink is pushed through a piece of silk stretched over a frame. there is a stencil that's placed on the screen that blocks areas of the ink so that it prevents the ink from going through in certain places. this is used to make patches, shirts, flyers, anything!

we will be teaching each step of the multi faceted art of silk screening. (how to make a screen, how to make a stencil, how to print…)

if you have any materials available bring them! (ink, fabric..)


DIRECTIONS: Freespace is located a couple blocks south of the LIE service road, between exits 60 and 61 and one block north of the Ronkonkoma LIRR station.
By Car: From points west, take the LIE (I-495) to Exit 60 and take the service road East and turn right onto Hawkins. From points East, take the LIE (I-495) to Exit 61 and take the service road West and turn left onto Hawkins. Take Hawkins South a block or two to the first traffic signal and turn left onto Union Ave. Freespace is located a short ways down Union on your left directly opposite the LIRR parking garage entrance. There will be a small yellow advertisement for a construction company on the front of the building, .23.
By Train: Take the Long Island Railroad to the Ronkonkoma Hub. There is a large multi story parking garage attached to the station. The monthly customer entrance/exit is located on the opposite end of the garage from the platforms and ticket counter. Freespace is located directly across Union Ave from this entrance.